On Blogging: I Want to Go it Alone

As much as I want to develop my blog independently of my network of family, friends, peers and soon to be colleagues, I’m considering caving in.

No, one Facebook post won’t thrust me into the limelight but it would give me considerable leverage for at least building a base of bodies invested in my posts. Like any human being, I want to feel like my efforts matter! I want to be able to reach people, help them when I can, make them think always and make them feel good whenever possible.

I could easily share my blog with my network and achieve all of those things.

I want to blog in the semi-darkness though! Lol Is that strange? I want this to be the place where I can be free from them and say the things I need and want to say without having to think too hard, freeing myself of the burden of over sensitivity required by MY facebook timeline at the least.

No, there is nothing I would have any desire to say that would be racist, sexist, ableist, classist, homophobic, elitist, etc because I despise those things but dammit I just want to do it alone lol

I want to know that people who follow me follow me out of genuine interest and not some sense of familial/fraternal obligation to me.

Can anyone relate?


2 thoughts on “On Blogging: I Want to Go it Alone

  1. Yep! I can relate totally! I thought long and hard about my personal and family relationships before I put my blog into the Facebook/ Twitter world. I would send a single post to my brother, but that was it. I got over it. All is well. And quite honestly, they don’t really engage with the blog all that much.


  2. I definitely know where you’re coming from. I’m always discouraged when I see that, yet again, there’s been no activity to speak of on my blog. It would be easy to give out the link to friends and family, but then I’d probably overthink everything I post there more than I already do.


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