Whats Hot: Nothing on TV? Black and Sexy TV Features High-Quality Indie Web Series That You Will NOT Want to Miss

I have been really into TV lately. Shows like Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Gotham, Blackish and their strong black-female leads have really inspired me to give network television a shot despite my lack of consistent engagement with practically ANY TV shows for like the past 5 or 6 years. But, despite my rising appreciation for good network TV I have truly found LOVE in Black indie web series.

I was first put on to the phenomenal Issa Rae and her amazing “Adventures of Awkward Black Girl” about three years ago and I DEVOURED that show. I watched and watched and watched until I finished them all and then I was left with….this void. It was like a drug – I got literally HOOKED and then it was over and my body just couldn’t handle the shock lol

SO, eventually when I got bored enough to commit to doing something about the void I started searching for similar things on youtube and low and behold, Black & Sexy TV.

Black & Sexy TV is the BUSINESS.

The first show I started watching on Black & Sexy TV is called roomieloverfriends. I started in good fashion from the beginning and I wasn’t *fully* crazy about it but was interested enough to keep watching. I watched through the first season and by the time I hit the second I began to truly fall in love with the relatability (not a real word, but bare with me) of the characters, their temperaments, their situation, etc. I also felt like the production quality drastically improved to the point where I didn’t even feel like I was watching a Youtube series. The videography AND writing/acting on the show is truly impeccable, but the NEXT show that I got hooked on…


Hello Cupid truly takes the cake for my absolute favorite thing to watch. I. Love. Hello Cupid. I am obsessed with the characters on the show and the real life people who portray them and I am DYING to see it grow into so much more than what it is now. I am excited that Black & Sexy TV (the youtube channel and production company that creates and supports these shows) is trying to expand by offering paid features, and I am even more excited that there is talk of a monthly subscription plan in the future. I have heard talk of Black & Sexy TV’s ambition of becoming “Black Netflix” and I must admit that I am a fan. You have to get on this though because Black & Sexy TV s offering a free product that is really worth money.

I am actually not endorsed or related to Black & Sexy TV in any way other than being a fan so If i can influence you, PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT. I think what they are doing is AMAZING and offers a smart, witty, sexy, modern and real alternative to a lot of the really trashy black (reality) TV out there, and I would really love to see more support for this truly authentic independent endeavor and the imagery it puts out there rather than the really damaging ones that already exist and have existed for way too long for to be interesting.

…I’m going to end that rant right there though 🙂 And save it for later lol But please check out Black & Sexy TV and let me know if you’ve heard of Black & Sexy TV and if not, what do you think after checking them out on YouTube and stalking them on social media @blackandsexytv ?



6 thoughts on “Whats Hot: Nothing on TV? Black and Sexy TV Features High-Quality Indie Web Series That You Will NOT Want to Miss

  1. I LOVE ALL those shows! Have you seen The Couple? That was the first show I watched after ABG and then made my way through the other ones. These shows really fill a void and more people should watch them!


    1. YES! I love the Couple but I think the new line up is absolutely amazing. I wholeheartedly agree that these shows fill a void – I’m really hoping they go mainstream. Have you heard about the possibility of the Couple being aired on HBO?!

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