Wading Through the Darkness: Extremely Useful Yet Widely Underrated Natural Hair Care Tip #1

Natural Hair blogs present readers with a ton of information. A lot of the information is anecdotal and some of the information is very intricate and technical but a good percentage of the information is downright confusing. Often when I read the comments below some of these articles and blog posts out there about natural hair a lot of naturals seem stressed and overwhelmed by what they are presented with. I know from firsthand experience what this can feel like, so I hope to offer my own learned and extremely practical bits of natural hair care advice here as much as I can. I won’t be teaching anyone how to do any styles or promoting any specific methods/techniques, only common-sensical natural hair care practices that are often times forgotten and underrated.

Extremely Useful Yet Widely Underrated Natural Hair Care Tip #1

Please be sure to clip, file and moisturize your fingernails before attempting to care for natural hair

This is my FAVORITE piece of natural hair advice that I don’t see floating around hardly enough as I should. Anyone who knows anything about natural hair care knows that naturally curly, kinky, or coily textured hair is inherently more fragile than straighter textures because each bend, wave and swirl represents a point of physical weakness at which hair can easily snap and break off. These bends, waves and swirls also LOVE to fight with each other to form knots and tangles that ALSO represent points of physical weakens at which hair can easily snap and break off. The reason why a lot of naturals don’t use combs or other styling tools is because it is all too easy for natural hair to snag around the teeth and other apparati that these tools feature. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that any fingernails and hands that will be in and around a naturally curly, kinky or coily head of hair are smooth and moisturized as to prevent any snagging that may arise from jagged sharp fingernails AND dry, raised or peeling cuticles. Your hands may look fine to you but may not feel fine to your hair and I think its important to make sure that you look closely at your hands at least once a week before dealing with hair to make sure that they are not in a condition that will cause harm to your hair and nullify any healthy hair care practices you may be utilizing to take care of your hair if you are trying to retain length 🙂

This is doubly important if you suffer from so-called “Hand-in-Hair Syndrome” or if you are following the bedazzled fingernail trend. Watch out for snagging !!!

Have you ever felt your hair snag on a fingernail or cuticle? I do all the time!! Let me know if you are aware of this tidbit or not and if you find it useful and important!


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