Afropology is life.

Welcome to the afropologist. This personal blog is where I where share my anthropological ruminations about life, culture and natural hair. I will be graduating from Georgetown University with a double major in Anthropology and Linguistics in May 2016, where my thesis research centers around the experience that is the Natural Hair Community in the DMV Area. I have found that there are so many interesting things to talk about when it comes to anthropology and natural hair that I should create a space to talk about real anthropological issues of academic interest while adapting the light-hearted writing, engaging style of a blog. Although I definitely like literature and research, I hope to not take myself too seriously here by writing “think-pieces” rather than full on essays. I hope that this will be a space where I can share my thoughts on the issues that matter to me, have some fun, talk about hair and also (maybe) put some people on to anthropology. If I start talking about Scandal or junk food, don’t get mad at me though. Just let me rock 🙂


Well, there’s the welcome. Please challenge me, question me, engage me, etc via comments or e-mail. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about what I’m thinking about what I’m thinking. Enjoy!


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